Warning issued to residents of Guam: ‘Prepare for attack’

As the tension between North Korea and America is rising, the people of Guam are given a warning, in case Pyongyang realizes their threat and launch 4 missiles on Guam.

The Guam Civil Defense Office has issued a ticket in which is stated a warning and guiding for the residents there and instructions for what to do if NK decides to launch on them. There are two American Military Bases on Guam, the Air Force base and the second base is a Navy.


In the ticket issued from the office for civil defense stands:

“Preparation for Immediate threat from missiles,”

“Do not look at the blast and search for a firm shelter, preferably under ground,”

“If possible, wash with plenty of water and soap to successfully remove radioactive contamination,” the ticket says.

The North Korean threat was after the President Trump’s threat towards Pyongyang with “fire and fury like the world never seen before.”


Pyongyang claims that North Korea’s military top this days ends with plans to attack with four mid-range Hwasong-14 missiles, which should fall into the sea at less than 40 kilometers from Guam.

There are 160,000 inhabitants on this island, and once the Pyongyang regime has taken this island for its purpose, residents can’t hide their concerns.

“We do not know whether this time North Korea will meet its threats, because there is a large amount of US weapons on this island. All we can do is pray and believe that everything will be fine, “one of the islanders says.