Update: Explanation Of The Reason Of Eric Bolling’s Son’s Death

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling is currently in the worst period in his life. Not long ago he was fired from Fox News. The network fired Bolling after he was allegedly accused of sending nude photos to his female colleagues.

The entire Bolling family is devastated by the loss of their son. It sounds like he was an amazing young man that had a very bright future ahead of him. It is very sad to see something like that happen to a man that once had so much happiness in his life. Just one month ago he was as happy as ever, still on his Fox News show “The Five.”


However, an explanation needs to be given on how the reports were going.

TMZ broke the news. They pride themselves on being first, which means sometimes, their sources get mixed up. That is what happened here during this tragic situation. They had updated their story to note that this was an apparent suicide. But no official sources had come out with this information. Bolling was quick to note.

“Authorities have informed us there is no sign of self-harm at this point,” Bolling explained. “Autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.”

TMZ then had to retract their title and change it to something that did not suggest suicide and rather an overdose.

TMZ hinted at drugs on Saturday saying, “Well placed FNC sources tell TMZ… Eric Chase died from a drug overdose. We’re told he was having a hard time dealing with the trouble his dad was having at the network. Our sources say he was extremely embarrassed by the stories and was ’emotionally upset.”


There are a lot of theories as to what happened currently swirling around. But nothing has been officially reported. Bolling has promised to continue to keep us updated as time goes on.

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He most definitely needs our support at these tough times, people. Our thoughts and prayers go out with Mr. Bolling and his family. Stay strong, sir. Please pray for him and his family during this time of suffering and grief.