Trey Gowdy Just Dropped Bomb On Democrats Ending Robert Mueller’s Witch Hunt

Rep. Trey Gowdy

Democrats have finally run out of lies regarding President Trump alleged dossier, originally picked up by BuzzFeed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation used this fabrication in order to launch an investigation into the Trump campaign, in what appears to be a move to cripple it in some way. Well, after learning that it’s fake, Rep. Gowdy just dropped a bomb on Democrats.

Via World News Politics:


House Intelligence Committee member Trey Gowdy discussed the accusations from Democrats and the media that he and the GOP are trying to discredit the dossier. Well, technically they’re right, they’re trying to discredit the lies that have wasted so much money and government resources.

“I don’t know why anyone — from [California Rep.] Adam Schiff, to Vanity Fair, to Rachel Maddow — would not be curious whether or not the world’s premier law enforcement agency relied upon a dossier in connection with an investigation without vetting it,” Gowdy said on Friday.

Trey Gowdy drops a bomb on the Democrats when he asked why they are fearful that the FBI relied on a false piece of information. Why are the Democrats focused so intensely on this?

He gave his response to the Democrats who have been whining about the GOP issuing a subpoena to AG Jeff Sessions and the new FBI Director Christopher Wray about the validity of the dossier. They want answers, as do the American people.

Committee Republicans issued a subpoena for Sessions and Wray Aug. 24, seeking information about how central the dossier is to the collusion investigation and how it was vetted.


The agencies have yet to provide the documents so the deadline has been extended to September 14. The committee is also trying to get meetings with Sessions and Wray. They want to know why the dossier is being withheld from the Congress.

But Gowdy dismisses the Democrats’ complaint, “I really don’t know what in the hell they’re talking about.”

Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, says that the FBI and DOJ have ignored “months and months of requests” for information about the dossier. The agencies have largely ignored similar requests made by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has also focused heavily on the dossier but has yet to issue subpoenas for the FBI and DOJ.

The dossier, as has by now been widely reported, came into being last June, after Steele, a former MI6 agent based in London, was hired by an opposition research firm called Fusion GPS to investigate Trump’s activities in Russia. Fusion, which was co-founded by former Wall Street Journal reporters, was working at the time for an unidentified ally of Hillary Clinton’s.

One thing is clear – the moment this dossier reaches Congress, they will find another thing to pursue. If Democrats still think this dossier will be the end of President Trump, they should not look further than Fusion GPS’ co-founder, who admitted that the dossier is fake.