Special Counsel Mueller Removed FBI Agent From Trump-Russia Probe When He Found These Text Messages

Robert Mueller

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s independence and bias have been questioned by many Americans so far. And the answer to millions of Americans has just be given last week when it was revealed that DOJ discovered a huge potential problem of bias on Robert Mueller’s investigation team.

Via Allen B. West:


The Department of Justice Inspector General launched an investigation into text messages sent by the agent, Peter Strzok, that “could appear to contain anti-Trump views,” according to The Hill.

This then forced Mueller’s hand to have to do something about it once an investigation was launched.

From New York Times:

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, removed a top F.B.I. agent from his investigation into Russian election meddling after the Justice Department’s inspector general began examining whether the agent had sent text messages that expressed anti-Trump political views, according to three people briefed on the matter.

Mueller removed him over the summer and he was reassigned to the F.B.I’s human resources department, where he has been ever since.


What exactly the text messages were or what they said isn’t clear. The New York Times describes them as “Mr. Strzok and a colleague reacted to news events, like presidential debates, in ways that could appear critical of Mr. Trump.”

That, of course, raises several questions.

If they were comments related to the presidential debates, that means that they were possibly biased comments made in 2016, only discovered in 2017? Which of course, raises the question who knew what when and why was this guy only removed this summer in 2017?

And why are we only hearing about his removal now in December when he was removed in the summer. It suggests gamesmanship by Mueller to try to blunt the news until after the apparent success of getting the Flynn plea.

And what about the colleague with whom he ‘exchanged’ the anti-Trump texts?

From Daily Caller:

And according to The Washington Post, Strzok exchanged the messages with Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer who was also assigned to and later removed from Mueller’s team. Strzok and Page, who works for FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, were reportedly having an extramarital affair.

The text messages showed Strzok and Page reacting with anti-Trump sentiments to certain news events, including the presidential debates.

It’s anti-Trump and Peyton Place.

Hardly a transparent investigation.

Strzok was the lead investigator on the Trump-Russia probe starting in July 2016 and he relied on information in the fake Steele dossier.

In late July [2016], the F.B.I. opened an investigation into possible collusion between members of Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russian operatives. Besides Mr. Comey and a small team of agents, officials said, only a dozen or so people at the F.B.I. knew about the investigation. Mr. Strzok, just days removed from the Clinton case, was selected to supervise it.

The Times also reported that Strzok relied on information provided to the FBI by Christopher Steele, the former British spy who was hired by an opposition research firm working for the Clinton campaign to investigate Trump’s Russia activities.

But even more disturbing?

Not only was he the lead investigator in the Trump-Russia probe, but he was the lead on another rather important investigation.

From New York Times:

The agent, Peter Strzok, is considered one of the most experienced and trusted F.B.I. counterintelligence investigators. He helped lead the investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on her private email account, and then played a major role in the investigation into links between President Trump’s campaign and Russia.

So not only was he a major part of the Russia probe for a long time prior to his removal, but he led the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Just incredible. And here’s the thing.

If he’s been buried in the human resources department, you know what was discovered wasn’t minor, that it was bad.

According to the New York Times, Strzok’s lawyer has no comment and a spokeswoman for the Justice Department has said that they are aware of the report and “taking any and all appropriate steps.”

The news comes just one day after Mueller’s team charged former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn with lying to FBI agents. Flynn pleaded guilty to the charge.

(Source: www.allenbwest.com)