VIDEO: Somali Migrant Learns An Important Lesson And Quickly Regrets His Attempt To Steal


If you rely largely upon the mainstream media for your news, you likely know that they try to make it look like Muslim migrants pose no threat to western culture.

However, the next video that you’ll see below, speaks what the situation really is.


According to Red Nation Report:

In this video, a migrant from Somalia can be seen brazenly walking out of a store with items. Clearly, he assumed that he did not have to pay for the items after he saw a woman was behind the counter, as he did not believe she could actually stop him from stealing from the store.

Unfortunately for him, however, he turned out to be dead wrong.

Watch as the cashier tracks the migrant down and teaches him a lesson about the Western world that he won’t soon forget!

Not today, sir. Obviously he ran out of luck and quickly realized that all of this wasn’t actually a good idea. So next time, before doing something like this, think again.