Report: Canada Gives Liberals a Lesson on Free Speech by Mass Arrest of Antifa Thugs

Antifa groups faced another spate of arrests north of the border on Saturday, where over 40 members of far left organizations were arrested in Quebec City.

The arrests came after leftists confronted police while counter-protesting a march of right-wing groups.


The two right-wing groups — La Meute and Storm Alliance — had organized a march to a convention center where Quebec’s Liberal Party was having a policy meeting, according to Conservative Media.

“We had a very good collaboration with La Meute,” Quebec City police spokesman André Turcotte said. “They told us their intentions, their itinerary, where they were headed.”

“The other group (the counter-demonstration) told us they were gathering in front of the National Assembly. But we didn’t have the same frequency of discussion with them.”

As a surprise to all liberal supporters who were convinced the Antifa was working in favor of the greater good, around 44 of their members were taken in by Quebec City authorities for committing several violations and offenses.

“It’s tough to say to which group they belonged, but it’s clear they intended to counter La Meute’s demonstration,” Turcotte said.


During the first wave of arrest, a total of 21 people were arrested, all of whom had weapons on, including slingshots, billy clubs and “bottles containing an unknown liquid,” according to the police.

That aside, there were actually Antifa members who were disguised presumably so they can get away with committing a crime.

Around 23 people were arrested as result of the rebellion demonstrated against police officers.

In the area, this will mark the second arrest operation of aggressive Antifa members.

Just in August, other four Antifa members were busted in time of another Le Meute march. The reason was vandalism and assault on police officers with deck chairs.

Quebec City’s mayor released a statement soon after, commenting the issue:

“Open your eyes. We, politicians, are in the process of becoming disconnected from the population,” Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume said at the time. “Don’t be fooled. I’m convinced the message of the far right is more and more efficient.”

Although these protesters were arrested due to inadequate behavior, they were still not charged with assaulting the police force with random objects.

It is quite obvious to many that this group doesn’t have any peace-making agenda in mind. Moreover, they feel pretty comfortable oozing aggression and violence, just to so they can have their way.

The problem is far more severe than initially perceived, dragging the country into panic mode.

H/T Conservative Media

Being able to speak your beliefs, no matter how repugnant those beliefs may be, is a God-given right. Violence isn’t. Free societies need to make that abundantly clear before their freedom is buried under government intervention and the heckler’s veto.

Thankfully, the cops gave these antifa thugs a lesson in free speech. If only more police departments south of the border would learn from their example.