At Least 36 Dead And Over 120 Injured in Alexandria Train Crash

Two passenger trains have collided in northern Egypt, killing at least 36 people and injuring dozens more, health officials say.

Western Journalism reported, Dr. Mohamed Abu Homs, the leader of the local ambulance service in the area of Alexandria where the wreck took place, said the death toll and the number of injured might rise further.


The collision involved one train that had been traveling from Cairo and another from Port Said, which is located near the Suez Canal. Initial reports indicated that no foreign nationals were known to be aboard the trains.

Initial reports said one of the trains stopped on the rails because of a malfunction. No further details were immediately available.


Egypt’s railway authority said an express train crashed into the second train near the Khurshid station. That report could not be immediately confirmed.

Video footage of the scene showed one train had been knocked off the rails and was on its side. Several cars were reduced to twisted metal.

“The rescue team is currently searching for survivors while ambulances are transferring the injured to nearby hospitals,” said Magdy Hegazi, undersecretary of the ministry of health.

In 2013, dozens of people were killed and when a train crashed into a minibus and other vehicles south of Cairo.

Egypt’s deadliest rail accident occurred near the capital in 2002, when a fire ripped through a crowded train killing more than 370 people.