Lawyer: FBI Covered-Up Major Democrat Crime [VIDEO]

Lawyer Ty Clevenger says the FBI is desperately trying to cover its tracks by not releasing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Clevenger spoke with Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday night about his efforts to gain access through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. That request was denied and the lawyer said he originally wondered if former president Barack Obama was still running the FBI.


Via Christian News Alert:

Under FOIA, all federal government agencies are required to make their records available to the American people upon request. FOIA requests can be denied for nine reasons, including law enforcement concerns, privacy concerns, and national security concerns.

However, according to Clevenger, the FBI didn’t deny his request because it undermined privacy or national security, but because the public was not interested in the information. “They’re saying the public doesn’t care,” Clevenger clarified.

Tucker Carlson was shocked by this statement. “Well yeah!” Carlson exclaimed — of course it is a matter of public interest. He continued, “I mean, you are talking about it on television right now.”


Clevenger said he is seeking the information for a book he is writing about corruption in the criminal justice system. He thought the botched investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was the perfect case study for corruption. Apparently, the FBI disagreed.

Clevenger appealed the decision to the Justice Department, which has expedited his case. The lawyer says he is not seeking any confidential information about Clinton. Instead, he is hoping to obtain the same information that was granted to Congress.

“My understanding of the FOIA law was that the government has to have a compelling reason to deny your right to see public documents,” Tucker Carlson said. He asked Clevenger what he thinks the FBI’s motive was for denying the request.

“Originally, I suspected that there was some Obama holdover at FBI that was trying to cover this up,” but recent information released by Senator Lindsey Graham  (R-SC) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) made Clevenger suspect something darker was going on.

Late last month, Senators Grassley and Graham released a letter to current FBI Director, Christopher Wray. The Senators explained that the timeline of the Hillary Clinton investigation suggests malpractice, and potential conspiracy.

Records indicate that fired FBI Director James Comey never intended to press charges against Hillary Clinton. Instead, the former FBI Director was circulating a draft of his decision not to press charges before he interviewed 17 key witnesses, including Hillary Clinton herself.

“Former FBI director James Comey had already decided to exonerate Mrs. Clinton,” Clevenger explained. “The FBI is trying to cover its own rear end. I think they know this thing is going to look terrible for them. They deep-sixed this, they white-washed it and they don’t want the documents coming out just showing how badly they covered it up.”

The lawyer insisted that these legal niceties only exist for people like Hillary Clinton and would “never happen” for average citizens.

“If an average lawyer destroyed 30,000 pieces of evidence he would have been disbarred and prosecuted,” Clevenger asserted, insinuating that federal investigators let Clinton off the hook because she is an establishment politician.