Lady Gaga condemn Trump trans ban, Immediately Regrets


Lady Gaga tweeted  President Donald Trump about his announcement that he wants to ban transgenders from serving in the military, but got a wake-up call when Iraq War veteran rephrased her words and used them against her.

She was against the trans ban, and though she thought she would try and prove a point to the president. She was stopped in her tracks when Iraq War veteran J.R. Salzman fired back at Gaga using her own words against her. So instead proving a point to the POTUS, she made his point for him.


Conservative Tribune reported:

The tweet was retweeted thousands of times and had over 41,000 “loves” as a result of so many liberals thinking Gaga was right on target with her statement. She was correct with her statistics, according to Williams Institute, 45 percent of 18-24 year old transgender people indeed have attempted suicide.


While her stats were correct, her logic was off base. Her tweet earned her a lot of replies, but the award for most epic response goes to Salzman. “So your solution is to give them a weapon, and send them off into combat where lives depend on mental and emotional stability under stress?” he said.

The best part is he phrased it as a question, just to get Gaga to clarify her thought process. Gaga no doubt wished she kept her mouth shut.

What Salzman said is critical for those on each side of the aisle to understand. With such an identity crisis as transgenders go through, there are mental issues there that need to be addressed.

Someone who is under the emotional turmoil of questioning their gender are not emotionally ready to handle to stresses of war. And, as Gaga, pointed out, those who identify as transgender are more likely to have a slew of emotional and mental problems.

As war veteran David French from The National Review wrote,

“The military has to make hard choices on the basis of odds, probabilities, and centuries of hard-earned experience. Our national existence — ultimately, our very civilization — depends on getting those answers right.”