Kathy Griffin Attacks President Trump With Sick Joke, Instantly Regrets


Comedian Kathy Griffin is stepping back into political matters with a new “joke” about President Trump.

Kathy Griffin posted an old picture of Donald Trump posing with O.J. Simpson before the death of his wife with the caption, “POTUS with new attorney general??? #OJSimpsonParole” (via Twitter)


As the Angry Patriot Movement reported:

The comment was made as many users on twitter reacted to O.J. Simpson being granted parole after serving 9 years out of his 33 year sentence.

Kathy Griffin’s latest attempt at a joke was designed to make fun of President Trump’s statement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would never have been appointed if Trump knew he would recuse himself.

Kathy Griffin came to national attention earlier this year after posing in a distasteful photo shoot with the severed and bloodied head of President Trump.

Crying throughout a press conference after the controversy emerged, Kathy Griffin made the absurd comment that President Trump has “broke her”.


This is attention grabbing, plain and simple. The relatively unknown actress was happy to finally have the public’s attention — and she milked the attention for all it was worth. Now, the news cycle is carrying on without her.

It’s only a matter of time before the aging comedian crosses another line. Attention is like a drug for celebrities, and Griffin needs another hit — even if she destroys her career in the process.

Twitter users have roundly mocked Kathy Griffin’s latest attempt at humor.

She’s bound to continue her reign of irrelevancy one way or another, but let’s hope she keeps this nonsense far away from us next time.

Kathy — nobody thinks you’re funny, and it’s high time you stopped making problems for our president simply because he hurt your feelings after you jeopardized his life with your tasteless photoshoot.

It will be intersting to see how long the career from Kathy will last if she countiue to make “jokes” similar to this one. Yes, we all think the same, not long enough.