Video: Julian Assange just revealed an awful Hillary secret that media ignores it

The reason Democrats are accusing President Trump for crimes they committed or attack him for things that no one actually can achieve, is because they have no idea, plan or program, nor something positive to present to the American people.

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks elaborated that he has looked into both 2016 presidential candidates and found out that only Hillary Clinton has solid connections to the Russian authorities. “Hillary Clinton has done quite well strategically to try and draw a connection between Trump and Russia because she has so many connections of her own,” stated Assange.


Furthermore, Assange pointed out that Trump obviously does not have any connections to Russia. Prior to his triumph in the elections, Trump tried to break into the Russian market numerous times and was never capable of succeeding in their system of crime and corruption.


Clinton and her campaign crew, as opposed to that, have made enormous amounts of money by selling their influence to wealthy Russian oligarchs.

Julian Assange is talking about the Uranium One deal in partucular where Hillary Clinton’s State Department gave a Russian firm control of more than 20 % of Americas Uranium production ability in exchange for donations worth millions of dollars.

Initially being a Canadian mining company, Uranium One, was slowly obtained by the Russians in 2009 until 2013. The firm operated lucrative mines in Kazakhstan and aspired to take control over the American production of uranium.

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