Jamie Foxx Stuns liberals in this speech

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx spoke his mind recently in a meeting with Essence magazine regarding the current political situation in our country and what he said stunned everyone.
“Despite who the president is, the soul of America is continually going to be incredible,” Foxx said.

Foxx continued saying that our nation was set by our Founding Fathers in a manner that regardless of the possibility of something going wrong, the nation would be able to ensure itself.


He then gave a proposition what he thought the country should do now that the election is over and everything is settled, and it got us all surprised.

Jamie Foxx claimed that we assumed to cooperate and avoid being annoyed by each choice that is to be made. Furthermore, he suggested that we should do a reversal to being polite to one another which according to him was the base that made America awesome.

He said: “When you go outside America and perceive how different nations are run, you will keep running back here.”

Check out the interview below:


While he may be no saint, he definitely made a good point with this one, and the way he though everyone should respond to our president is simply fantastic.