During an interview with Essence magazine, actor Jamie Foxx talked about the current political scene in the United States, and the things that he said will bother many progressives since they oppose the traditional Hollywood, anti-Trump stance ever since he announced his nomination.

“Regardless of who the president is, the spirit of America is always going to be great,” said the actor.


Jamie further said that the country’s foundations were laid by the Founding Fathers in a manner that even if things “go off the rails,” the U.S. could strengthen its security.

The actor then added what he believed the nation needed to do now, and it’s not something progressives wanted to hear.

Fox said we needed to co-operate and not be constantly angry about every decision that is made. He also proposed that we should go back to being polite to one another because that’s something that makes this country great.

He then added, “When you travel outside America and see how other countries are run, you will run back here.”

Truth has been spoken. Have a look at a segment of the interview.


Even though Foxx has worked about some inclusivity ideas that were unacceptable, his decision to deliver a unifying message for Americans and opposing people like Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moote and others is most welcome.