James Comey In Trouble – WH Case Puts Him Under Prosecution

James Comey

This Wednesday the White House came up with the most detailed case so far, explaining why it is crucial that the Justice Department considers prosecuting former FBI director James Comey. Comey allegedly leaked memos to the press last year.


Via Fox News Insider:

Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, pointed to Comey’s acknowledgement during a June congressional hearing that he authorized the leaking of a memo about his conversations with the president to The New York Times.

“The memos that Comey leaked were created on a FBI computer while he was the director,” Sanders said during Wednesday’s briefing. “He claims they were private property. They clearly follow the protocol of an official FBI document.”

Sanders added, “Leaking FBI memos on a sensitive case, regardless of classification, violates federal laws including the Privacy Act, standard FBI employee agreement and non-disclosure agreement all personnel must sign. I think that’s pretty clean and clear that that would be a violation.”

Comey was fired by Trump in May amid tensions over the Russia probe. After he was fired, Comey had a friend leak his notes to the press about his recollection of interactions with the president. In the notes, Comey said the president encouraged him to end the investigation into former national security adviser Mike Flynn.


Back in July, though, the Comey friend – Columbia University professor Daniel Richman – stressed that none of the memos he had were marked classified at the time. Further, he explained that the “substance” of one memo was given to the press but not the physical document.

Trump’s decision to oust Comey was condemned on both sides of the aisle, and even by members of his own staff. Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist who has since left the White House, said it was possibly the biggest mistake “in modern political history” in an interview on 60 Minutes.

But Sanders said Tuesday that Trump still stands by his decision.

“He knew at the time that it could be bad for him politically but he also knew and felt he had an obligation to do what was right,” Sanders said Tuesday, adding that Trump has “vindicated” by Comey’s own acknowledgements that he had leaked details of the memos he kept of his conversations with Trump.