Donald Trump Saves The Military

The US Military is the strongest, most lethal force the world has ever seen. But it has been neglected under Obama. It grew corrupt under Obama. Stagnation rose from the neglect and the corruption of the  Obama administration.

The only threat we really have is from within, like Obama. So Trump, not even in office yet, went after a few defense contractors like Boeing and the Air Force One deal. He quickly got the results he wanted – a better deal for the American people.


It was shocking not just the result (that we are no longer getting screwed) but for the swiftness of the result. Trump did more in one phone call than Obama did in 8 years. Sad but true.

Next comes Lockheed Martin, makes of the F-35 fighter jet. Trump has been questioning some of the costs for this valuable program and, moronically if you ask me, Lockheed didn’t think Trump was serious, thought he would be like all the other politicians.

Wrong. I will say this about Lockheed, once they released the American people actually had representation in the white house and were no longer willing to get screwed, they quickly changed their tune.

CEO Marillyn Hewson said in a statement she had “a very good conversation” with Trump

“I gave him my personal commitment to drive the cost down aggressively.”


Trump by forcing down the costs of these programs will ensure that the US military stays string and unstoppable for years to come. The only enemy we have comes from within, corruption, arrogance, stagnation.

Under Trump those core Obama policies are a thing of the past.