Dennis Miller Ruins Obama, Tells Donald Trump Secret

Dennis Miller went on the “O’Reilly Factor” and demolished Obama’s failed legacy saying,

“This country has never been more polarized. Now, Barack Obama is going to move on from this and say, ‘wasn’t my fault.’ Yeah, it was. You seem like a pretty nice guy, but you’re leaving a pretty big nasty wake behind you, Mr. President. The country’s polarized—and that’s on you.”


Obama’s pledge to unite the country fell as flat as his health care plan.  Obama leaves office a failure.

Miller ripped into liberals before offering some sage advice To Trump for dealing with the media,

“He hasn’t even had a success yet. If he gets successful, can you imagine how crazy it’s gonna get then? If I was Trump, I would use my head, I would continue tweeting, because they’re going to tell lies about him ten times a day… and if he has to come in and use Twitter as the Ben Bradley red pencil, and say, “this is wrong, get better information,” I would hope he does it.”