CNN Graphic Explaining Bump Fire Stocks Doesn’t Include Bump Fire Stock, Grenade Launcher And Silencer Featured

During a segment on Thursday’s Situation Room, CNN displayed a graphic attempting to explain how bump fire stocks work but failed to include a bump fire stock in the animation despite including both a grenade launcher and silencer to make it look super scary.

As reported by The Federalist Papers, they used animation to make the stock “bounce” and were far more concerned with telling Americans a gun with a suppressor and grenade launcher was a standard rifle, than depicting what a bump stock is.


The Blaze reports:

CNN came under fire on Friday after they attempted to show viewers how bump stocks work on semi-automatic rifles — but used a depiction of a rifle that didn’t have a bump stock on it.

During a segment on Friday discussing bump stocks and their legality, CNN producers put on screen a picture of semi-automatic rifle that had no bump stock, but did have a grenade launder and suppressor, both of which can only be legally obtained after an arduous government process.

The animation showed what a bump stock allows a rifle to do — it allows the rifle’s recoil to help the gun fire more rapidly, even at a fully automatic rate. But a bump stock is an entirely different stock. CNN’s rifle animation simply showed an adjustable stock.


CNN’s monumental failure has gone viral.

So what does a bump stock actually look like?

It’s far from the technological miracle the newclip made it out to be. The same effect can be achieved with a rubber band.

Here’s the trendier version:

One Twitter user posted a hilarious picture offering a similarly ignorant guide to guns. It’s funny, but considering how CNN made such fools of themselves, it’s not far-fetched.

Remember the goal here is to make it scary, as if the millions of gun owners in America could all go berserk and give up their law abiding ways to come after CNN viewers with grenade launchers.

Another Twitter user made a good comparison, noting that a child making “pew pew” noises in the background would go along nicely with the ridiculous animation CNN used in their coverage of bump stocks.

The Washington Free Beacon offered a guide for real adults who want accuracy when it comes to bump stocks. Unfortunately, Wolf Blitzer, Phil Mattingly, and CNN’s animators didn’t provide this sort of professionalism.

From the Free Beacon:

The segment with host Wolf Blitzer and CNN congressional correspondent Phil Mattingly focused on the politics surrounding a potential legislative ban on the devices in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, in which some of the shooter’s firearms were equipped with the stocks. Bump firing is a shooting technique that utilizes the recoil of a firearm in order to assist the shooter in pulling the trigger on a semi-automatic firearm at a much faster rate than is possible with traditional shooting techniques. This is accomplished by a shooter placing his finger on the firearm’s trigger without wrapping the rest of their shooting hand around the firearm’s grip. The shooter applies forward pressure with his support hand in order to press the trigger of the firearm against the shooter’s finger and fire the gun. This causes the gun to fire, producing recoil that, if the technique is done correctly, moves the firearm far enough rearward to reset the trigger. The continued forward pressure applied by the shooter’s support hand causes the firearm’s trigger to press against the shooter’s finger and fire the gun again. The cycle then repeats itself.

Though this technique can be done without the use of any modifications or accessories, bump fire stocks are intended to make it easier to achieve. The stocks are generally constructed of a single piece which replaces the firearm’s pistol grip and stock. They are designed to allow that single piece to slide back and forth during firing. They allow the shooter to accomplish the bump firing technique while also wrapping their shooting hand around the firearm’s grip. CNN’s graphic showed a traditional pistol grip and stock on the firearm instead of a bump fire stock. The graphic also included a grenade launcher and silencer though neither of those devices were involved in the Las Vegas shooting.

CNN haven’t responded to media requests for comment.