Caitlyn Jenner Gets Applause For Her Answer When Asked If She Regrets Voting for Trump

Caitlyn Jenner is pretty popular lately on late night television to promote her new book “The Secrets of My Life.”

Just a few days ago, she floated the idea of maybe running for Congress – as a Republican, of course.


On last night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Jenner was asked about her conservative politics.

I don’t agree with everything he’s doing … but I have always been — I’m older, I grew up in a country when you actually said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag at school,” said Jenner when said asked if she regrets voting for Donald Trump.

Her initial answer was met with a resounding applause from the audience.

She continued, saying that she’s never been an outright supporter of Trump, but that she’s always faithful to the GOP.

I never really outwardly came out and supported him. I supported whoever the Republican candidate was going to be, but the press kinda puts you there,” she said.


Jenner also added some things she likes about Trump’s presidency so far. See video below for full segment.