Breaking: White House leaker exposed

According to the new reports, everything points to Senator John McCain for being the White House leaker.

White House officials reveals that McCain is believed to have somehow gained access to the content of President Donald Trump’s private, classified phone calls with world leaders.


They analysed McCain’s recent public statements, and when the coupled that up with information from intelligence personnel working with the Trump administration, they got a disturbing picture about the Senator. The officials believe McCain has inside knowledge of a number of President Trump’s telephone conversations, including at least one conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What is more disturbing is that McCain shared what he knew with colleagues and his cabal of friendly mainstream media journalists in a dangerous clandestine campaign to damage Trump’s presidency even before it has a chance to succeed.

After this came to light, White House aides said they are confident one of the biggest leakers has been caught.

McCain told the information about Trump to anyone and everyone who will listen. This includes  a Russian comedian who pranked McCain posing as Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. However, White House officials say that if it wasn’t for his reckless talking around, McCain wouldn’t have been caught. An administration insider said:

“He has been given transcripts or actually listened to the calls and is sharing what he has heard. There is no doubt. He is one of the major leaks.”


It’s really time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to hop in and determine the level of McCain’s involvement.