Breaking: Student Ends Up Dead In High School Shooting

D.C. was struck with some terrifying news recently. It was reported that there was a shooting at Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington, in which one student ended up dead.

Obtained by the Federalist Papers Project:


Three more children were injured, but have been confirmed to be in stable condition. The shooter, whose identity has not yet been released, is in police custody, with Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer reassuring the public that “the threat from the shooter has been eliminated.”

Shortly after reports of the shooting, parents began rushing to the school.

Authorities said parents looking to reunite with Freeman High School students should report to the bus entrance gate at Hwy 27 where Washington State Patrol troopers would escort drivers to a reunion location.

Governor Jay Inslee called the shooting heartbreaking.

“This morning’s shooting at Freeman High School is heartbreaking. All Washingtonians are thinking of the victims and their families. We’re grateful for the service of school staff and first responders working to keep our students safe. The Washington State Patrol and all state agencies will do whatever we can to help provide support and comfort in the days and weeks to come,” Gov. Inslee said in a statement.


A number of the schools in the area went into lockdown, which the Spokane School District lifted shortly before 11:30 AM local time.

There are many unknowns about this horrifying tragedy at this point, including the background and motivations of the killer, as well as what kind of gun or guns he used and how he acquired them.

Obviously, our immediate priorities here should be to ensure the safety of kids in the community, mourn the victims, comfort those left behind, treat the mental trauma of the students who went through this terror, and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Sadly, we know how this works. The usual suspects won’t even wait for the blood to be cleaned up before exploiting this tragedy to push for gun control laws that wouldn’t take a single weapon out of the hands of a single potential murderer, but would disarm scores of non-murderers who would be helpless to stop future shootings.

There’s been an immediate burst on Twitter regarding this incident, and it’s only starting to heat up.