Breaking: Sen. Warren Turns On Hillary Clinton And Eats Her Alive

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren made an appearance on a liberal conference this week. Well, believe it or not, this appearance was different than any other so far, because now she didn’t go bashing President Trump. Weird, right?

Via World News Politics:


Instead she aimed her venom at the unlikeliest of targets – Hillary and Bill Clinton (and Obama) for what they did to the Democratic party.

Mainly that they sold it out to the highest bidder which, and it didn’t happen overnight, ended up being their undoing.

It is hard to run as the champion of the middle class as you are shipping those jobs overseas. The Republicans did it too to be sure but they were at least honest.

The Democrats bamboozled the public and when the scam was exposed, in a large part by Trump, we mounted a bloodless coup and kicked their butts to the curb.

Before Trump we had two choices on trade.


Republicans telling us tough luck. And Democrats lying and saying they are looking out for us.

Given those two choices it is not hard to see why the middle class flocked to Trump’s true message – They screwed you and there is something we can do to help you and I am gonna try to do it.

And if we are honest, if the Democrats could have credibly delivered that message they could have won the election.

Hillary tried to down the stretch, when she knew she was in trouble, but no one believed her.

Because we saw the Goldman Sachs speech transcripts. And we know she helped ram through NAFTA.

These are things no lies can wash away.

And Elizabeth Warren knows it and she knows if she wants to run for President (she’s running) she will need to credibly deliver this same message.

Because it is a winner.

So her first move is to go full cannibal on Hillary and cut all ties.

“The Democratic Party isn’t going back to the days of welfare reform and the crime bill,” she said, taking a direct swipe at Bill Clinton who signed those laws, “it is not going to happen.”

The left has never forgiven them for these and other sell outs.

Though like lemmings they followed Hillary off the cliff for some odd reason anyway. Oh yeah she bought them all off.

“We’re gathering here in Atlanta in a moment of crisis for our country” continued Warren.
“And I’m not just talking about Donald Trump and his Twitter account. More and more working families today are hanging on by their fingernails in a country with an economy and a government that works only for those at the very top.”

“This crisis didn’t start when Donald Trump walked into the Oval Office. And it won’t just magically disappear the day he walks out of it.”