Breaking: SCOTUS Just Blocked Ruled In President Trump’s Favor – Liberals Going Crazy!

President Trump just received wonderful news, something to cheer him up in these difficult times when the mainstream media and the left are doing everything in their power to sabotage him. The Supreme Court apparently ruled in President Trump’s favor.

According to Proud Patriots:


This is a great day. Hardworking President Trump has just received his award for his dedication, love for this country and personal suffering and struggling with the corrupted media and the inside traitors.

Trump’s travel ban is the best possible and EXTREMELY TOLERANT solution that will enormously protect the American soil from terrorist attacks.

The first reports arrive and now we can start cheering because JUSTICE FINALLY PREVAILED.

And this is not everything. We can soon see the end of the corrupted communist 9th Circuit. This circuit was Obama’s little creation that allowed him to corrupt this country with so many unconstitutional laws and programs.

Now, we have to be aware that Trump still has to fight the domestic traitors to completely enforce every single law from his program and he has every right to do it. Do you know why?


We could expect new violent protests, riots, and everything… BUT, these things are also going to change sooner or later. Trump brings back the RIOT SQUADS! Antifa hordes will be overblown like flies on a waste.

President Trump’s travel ban blocked immigrants from seven Muslim countries that were believed to shelter ISIS terrorists.

Trump’s March 6 executive order said the temporary travel ban and refugee ban would give officials time to assess U.S. vetting procedures and would address the risk that terrorists could slip into the country. Lower courts had blocked the ban, saying Trump overstepped his authority and unconstitutionally targeted Muslims.