Breaking: Royal Wedding In Jeoprady

Over the past month, Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle have been making the rounds of the talk show circuit to gush about their love for each other after they became engaged. Though the entire world has expressed excitement over their spring wedding, new reports indicate that the nuptials may be off after Markle struck a cord with the British royal family.

Freedom Daily reported that Queen Elizabeth is allegedly not a fan of Markle, and she has made this clear to Prince Harry, her grandson. Earlier this month, the queen was livid when Markle made a public spectacle of herself when she created a “fake racism” scandal when Princess Michael of Kent wore a “Blackmoor” brooch that the B-rated actress found “horrendously racist.” Liberal gossip publications had a field day with this, reporting that she wore this pin on purpose to offend the biracial actress.


This scandal that was fueled by Markle rubbed the queen the wrong way.  The monarch is also reportedly not happy about the fact that Markle has not removed from her Twitter page she is an activist and outspoken with hatred of President Donald Trump. Markle is rumored to hate Trump so much that she has forbidden him from being invited to her wedding, yet she had the audacity to ask if Barack and Michelle Obama could attend.

Thankfully, the Queen stepped in to make sure the Obamas would not be invited, but Markle’s entire liberal display has many close to the royal family wondering if she is worth all this trouble. Taking all this into account, along with the fact that Markle is a divorcee who is rumored to be after Prince Harry for his money, the queen has allegedly demanded that her grandson get a prenup before he walks down the aisle.

This allegedly did not sit well with Markle and caused a massive fight between her and her fiancé.

“Meghan can see where the queen is coming from, but at the same time, she’s insulted that it would even cross the queen’s mind that Meghan would have an ulterior motive for marrying Harry,” a source said.


The insider added that though Markle “loves Harry, and money is the last thing on her mind…Queen Elizabeth is nonetheless pressuring her heir to make sure the family’s money is protected,” and consequently, “that means Prince Harry, and Markle are clashing over the situation.”

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H/T: Startpolitics