Breaking: Oprah Winfrey Officially Announced Her Decision On 2020 Presidential Run

By now, Democrats all over the country are trying to figure out who has the best shot at beating President Trump in 2020. Could it be Joe Biden, or Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris? Anyone of those could be the next candidate. But there is a dark horse that many are looking at to be the liberal savior.

Believe it or not, that would be Oprah Winfrey. She has admitted in the past that she would never even think about running for president. But that changed after she saw Donald Trump do it in 2016.


“I never considered the question, even a possibility, but now, after seeing Trump win, I just thought, ‘Oh, oh?’”

There has always been speculation that she could become a candidate at some point. But those claims were heated when she retweeted a story about herself as a candidate.

Earlier rumors were spreading the word of a possible run for president in the 2020 Presidential elections by another Hollywood-type leftist diva, Oprah Winfrey. And now, those claims have been somewhat fueled again, when the TV host retweeted a story about such a possibility and issued a personal message on her personal Twitter profile:

Oprah was then asked the question on CBS, ”I think you could break news here today … 2020, I’m wondering if you’ve narrowed down your short list of VP candidates?”

Now, after everything, it looks like she is officially shutting those rumors down. Or at least that is what she said. Who knows if this is the truth or not.

“Well you can be safe with that. There will be no running for office of any kind for me.”

H/t Politicus Daily

Nevertheless, Oprah would have no chance to beat President Trump in any presidential election. So if anything, her denial should come as bad news to conservatives. Though at this point, the Democrats have come up with no one that could even challenge Donald Trump.