Breaking: ICE Director Just Issued Massive “Wall” Announcement – Democrats Going Crazy

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan

The illegal immigration topic has once again made headlines across the media, especially now after California’s new law making the state a sanctuary one. The “sanctuary state” law openly defies federal law and permits illegal aliens to stay in the Golden State without any punishment at the state level.

Via Christian News Alerts:


According to Fox News Insider, Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan appeared on Fox News to talk more about California’s law and how it affects people working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “Sanctuary cities don’t want to fund a border wall to keep illegal aliens out, but they want to fund sanctuary cities to keep illegal aliens in,” Homan summarized. He went on to ask the question of the hour, “The border wall is a good tool,” he said. “We have proven it worked. Why would we not want to do it?”

On the other side of this argument, you have California Governor Jerry Brown (D). Brown continues to act completely oblivious to the real ways that this law impacts our immigration policy and the ICE agents operating in the State of California.

According to Brown, this bill “does not prevent or prohibit Immigration & Customs Enforcement, or the Department of Homeland Security from doing their own work in any way.”

After Brown’s response, the acting ICE Director pondered whether or not Brown even read the bill that he signed off on. Homan then proceeded to explain how this bill hurts ICE and our country as a whole.


The new California Sanctuary State law stops law enforcement from asking any questions pertaining to immigration when they pull someone over or book them. In other words, how would ICE ever know that someone was illegal unless they had previous intel?

The bill also orders law enforcement not to hold criminals for ICE. Furthermore, they are exempt from having to contact federal authorities when that illegal immigrant is released.

Homan stated that Brown “ought to read his bill.” Talking points are nice, but if they directly conflict with the law that was passed no one is going to buy them — so why try to make this something it isn’t?

The goal is simple. California would love nothing more than to be a “haven” for illegal immigrants who are looking for somewhere to go without getting deported. This could have lasting effects on communities that are already established in California.

You would think that lawmakers would be worried about protecting the people that they constitutionally swore to protect, the citizens of the United States. Instead, they have turned their backs at the worst possible time.

Homan assured federal laws would be enforced regardless, condemning “sanctuary” policies as attacks on the respect for law that America was founded on.

“To enter this country illegally is a crime. We can’t forget that. That is a message that has been lost in the last decade,” Homan said in the interview.

On Sunday, the White House presented a list of demands for actions that must be taken to allow Dreamers, people brought to the country illegally when they were children, to remain in the U.S., including fully funding the border wall.