Breaking: Behold the Amount of Money the Clintons Received From Harvey Weinstein

Hillary Clinton - Harvey Weinstein

Failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is apparently “shocked” by the recent sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer who’s been accused multiple times of sexually harassing females over the years.

The Federalist Papers Project reports:


“Shocked and appalled” is how the statement reads from one of her PR hacks.

“I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated,” Nick Merrill wrote. “Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior.”


Of course, that’s not exactly what she had to say when her ne’er-do-well husband was accused by numerous women of practically the same thing, but that’s different.

Of course, it took something like a week for Clinton to say boo about Weinstein’s criminal behavior – which he now reluctantly admits to.

So back when Michael Moore was making Sicko, Weinstein – who produced Moore’s movie – went on a press junket with him. Here’s a clip in which Weinstein says he tried to convince Moore to remove a 30-second clip critical of Clinton from the film.

The two go way back. In fact, Weinstein has given massive donations to the Clinton Foundation – as much as $250,000. And we all know how much Clinton hates to part with money.

In fact, since the 1992 election cycle, Harvey and his family have given more than $1.4 million to Democratic candidates, Fox News reports.

So the man is a big-time leftist money maker.

But it’s more than money, as WeaselZippers points out:

In addition to the money that she and the Clinton Foundation got through Weinstein, she also got an additional benefit.

The benefit of his power in Hollywood.

In addition to giving her an intro to his Hollywood friends and connection to all their possible donations, there was another factor.

Weinstein carried a big stick with the ability to shape media and stop anything that could be harmful.

That helped him to be able to suppress the charges against him and any stories that the media might have wanted to run them.

And he may just have been a help to Hillary by doing that for her as well.

Money and power is a powerful aid.

But now he’s been found out and the time has come to disavow him.

If one truly wants to be a champion of women. Of course, Hillary’s record on speaking out against others in her life with sexual harassment accusations has not been good.

What’s interesting is what’s not in that well-crafted, Hillary-esque statement above. No personal condemnation of Weinstein for his action. No mention of the fact that everybody knew that Weinstein was apparently as “rapey” as her husband, and no mention of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has given to her – to her so-called “Foundation” or to the Democratic Party.

Will she give back all that money?

“She’s ‘shocked and appalled’ although why, since everyone knew. If everyone knew, why didn’t she say something before,” WZ writes. “She had this guy at her birthday party, for gosh sakes.”

Several senators – including Kamala Harris of California and Charles E. Schumer of New York – have sought to distance themselves from Weinstein in recent days, giving the funds he donated to their campaigns to charities.

Clinton’s statement did not comment on whether she will return or redistribute the contributions she has received from Weinstein.